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So here are some of the images I have used and the class names associated with them. For those of you in the ASW, tell me what you think about how these relate to your own experiences. And if you are not from the ASW, tell me what you think as well and if they resonate in any way shape or form for you

Practical: Modalities Cast Circle

Cut for Kindness because this is very image heavy )
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You are invited to a series of workshops on the underpinnings of Wiccan practice. The Sunday classes will focus on an introduction to specific practices such as Divination, Shamanism and Qabala. Wednesday classes will focus on practical work such as casting and calling a circle and using modalities within castings.

Each workshop session will last approximately 2 hours in length with Sunday sessions going from 10-Noon and Wednesday sessions going from 7-9. These workshops take place in a private home so you must email or call to register and to receive directions. Please contact Karen at or call 215.839.8195 for more information.

About Karen Schlechter
is a 3rd degree initiate within the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel, a Wiccan syncretic tradition that draws inspiration from Astrology, Qabala, the Western Magickal Tradition and the folk religions of Europe. A practitioner of a variety of esoteric disciplines, Karen has been active in Wicca and the local Pagan community for the past 10 years. She is currently a member of Chalice of the Living Stars, which is the eighth coven in the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel. This coven has an emphasis on Seership, Healing, and Creativity. Karen is also a trained Fire Tender for Sweatlodge, and has previously taught at Free Spirit Gathering.

Classes Class types
8.15.10 - Tarot, Guest Speaker Helen Domenic, Elder Assembly of the Sacred Wheel; High Priestess, Chalice of the Living Stars
8.25.10 - Practical: Chakras
8.29.10 - Wheel of the Year
9.08.10 - Practical: Casting and Calling Part I: The Basics – Please bring a tool to use
9.12.10 - Field Trip, Delmarva Pagan Pride (Free!!)
9.23.10 - Ritual: Mabon
9.26.10 - Introduction to Herbology, Guest Speaker, Janice Chalas, High Priestess, Keepers of the Holly Chalice
10.06.10 - Practical: Casting and Calling Part II: The Modalities
10.10.10 - Astrology, Guest Speaker, Michael Smith, Elder Assembly of the Sacred Wheel; High Priest Coven of the Rowan Star
10.20.10 - Practical: Sword and Staff Casting
10.24.10 - Runes, Guest Speaker Kitty Bronson, High Priestess, Guardians of the Windsword
10.30.10 - ASW Open: Audience with the Ancestors held in Georgetown DE (Donations appreciated!!)
11.05-07.10 - ASW Open: Autumn Magick: Weekend of classes and rituals in Georgetown, DE (There is a fee to attend this weekend intensive and it has not yet been posted)
11.10.10 - Practical: Triangle of Stillness Casting
11.14.10 - Introduction to Qabala, Guest Speaker, Michael Smith, Elder Assembly of the Sacred Wheel; High Priest Coven of the Rowan Star
11.24.10 - Practical: 3 Pillars Casting
11.28.10 - Ogham, Guest Speaker Jennifer Graham, High Priestess, Fellowship of the Ancient White Stag
12.08.10 - Practical: Star of Sight Casting
12.12.10 - Ritual: Yule
12.18.10 - ASW Open: Yule held in Georgetown, DE (Donations Appreciated)
12.22.10 - Practical: Four Minds Meditation
12.26.10 - Introduction to Shamanism, Guest Speaker Jennifer Graham, High Priestess, Fellowship of the Ancient White Stag


Jul. 4th, 2010 09:26 am
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The process of becoming, is something we all do every day. The question is becoming what? Learned? Thinner? Alive? You fill in the blank. I've have spent the last several years working on becoming: a student and teacher, a resource, myself and as of last Friday June 25th a 3rd Degree Initiate of the ASW.

I have to say that all of the aspects listed above are facets of what make me a whole being. And that is also what becoming is about. I have spent years studying subjects like Qabala (which is a never ending study), the differences between forms of divine embodiment, the mechanics of sweat lodge, the list goes on and on. Each new esoteric facet and area of study links back to personal growth, and magickal community. They have also led to self-examination; I have found myself in beauty and in ugliness; and I have found myself begin to become a walker between worlds, balancing the realm of spirit within and the need to function in the everyday world without.

As I sit here a week past the actual physical event, still in the energetic and revelatory afterglow. I find myself grateful for those events and people who have been catalytic in getting me to this new place. Externally, I am the same, internally and spiritually growing and evolving. I know that by achieving this elevation, it is the end of a cycle but not the end itself. It is a milestone, a marker, it is the beginning of new leg of the path of growth, change, integration and becoming more essentially who I am.


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