Jul. 4th, 2010 09:26 am
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The process of becoming, is something we all do every day. The question is becoming what? Learned? Thinner? Alive? You fill in the blank. I've have spent the last several years working on becoming: a student and teacher, a resource, myself and as of last Friday June 25th a 3rd Degree Initiate of the ASW.

I have to say that all of the aspects listed above are facets of what make me a whole being. And that is also what becoming is about. I have spent years studying subjects like Qabala (which is a never ending study), the differences between forms of divine embodiment, the mechanics of sweat lodge, the list goes on and on. Each new esoteric facet and area of study links back to personal growth, and magickal community. They have also led to self-examination; I have found myself in beauty and in ugliness; and I have found myself begin to become a walker between worlds, balancing the realm of spirit within and the need to function in the everyday world without.

As I sit here a week past the actual physical event, still in the energetic and revelatory afterglow. I find myself grateful for those events and people who have been catalytic in getting me to this new place. Externally, I am the same, internally and spiritually growing and evolving. I know that by achieving this elevation, it is the end of a cycle but not the end itself. It is a milestone, a marker, it is the beginning of new leg of the path of growth, change, integration and becoming more essentially who I am.


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