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I started breaking out the holiday decor yesterday. Much of what I use has been handed down in the family. So i figured I would get smart, I would photograph all of the vintage decor I have so I have a record of it.

I have included one shot from each album here under the 3 existing vintage decor categories:

Wooden & Metal Toys. The average size of any of these figures is about an inch tall, in the case of most of the animals they are about 1/2 tall and 3/4 inch long, the photos are deceiving in regards to scale. All of these were my Great Grandfather's

More vintage wooden toys like this can be found in this album

The next category is Vintage Holiday Ceramics. My Grandmother on my Father's side collected most of these. She had a penchant for the holiday themed salt and pepper shakers. I'm kind of reviving that tradition. I can remember all of these being up in her house since I was a tiny kid. My mother took custody of these after my Grandmother died on 12.8.1971 if you need an "at least this old" date

More vintage ceramics like this can be found in this album

And the third category is vintage candles. This is a mixture of candles collected by both my Grandmother and my Mother with one or two of my own thrown in for good measure

More vintage candles like this can be found in this album


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